J&R Investments, Inc. identifies and purchases buildings between $500,000 and $4,000,000 in areas with significant leasing activity, ensuring long-term profitability. The buildings are sized below the thresholds for public money such as REITS, but above the reach of the average business investor, filling a niche that has limited competition and enabling us to provide premium returns to our investors.
Each property is an individual investment opportunity,
so investors may pick and choose only the deals that interest them.

Financial Goals

Due Diligence


J&R Investments, Inc. seeks at least an 8% cumulative annual cash flow plus amortization. We have achieved double-digit returns in most of our properties before amortization and appreciation. We anticipate holding periods of five to ten years for each property, allowing for an additional return upon the property’s sale.

Using a core group of qualified professionals, J&R Investments, Inc. determines the physical, leasing and financial condition of each property prior to committing our capital. Our financial analysis includes five-year cash flow projections, tenant information, market data including neighborhood demographics, neighboring properties, and traffic counts. We generate a complete book of information on cash investment.

J&R Investments, Inc. provides financial statements and distributions on a quarterly basis. Our statements include income, expenses and budget vs. actual, as well as other pertinent information.

We will continue to invest substantial capital into each purchase
and seek qualified investors to join us in expanding our proven model.


We are working on a model to capitalize a small fund to purchase multiple properties. Please contact us if you would have interest in participating.

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