JL Management and Affiliates is a real estate acquisition, development and management company that specializes in multi-tenant industrial properties. With deep roots in the industry and a strong understanding of investor capital management, we have a track record of profitable projects. Since 2005, our firm has successfully acquired and developed approximately 1.5 million square feet of commercial real estate throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Arizona, Oklahoma and Florida.

We only manage properties in which we have an ownership interest. JL Management and Affiliates purchases occupied, well-located property in areas where we have identified very strong leasing agents and good leasing activity. Our goal is to attain a return of at least eight percent from the start, with rental increases throughout the term of the leases.

Our typical holding periods are at least 10 years, and we have—in almost all cases—generated real double-digit returns for our investors. These returns are enhanced by the mortgage amortization and by the increase in building value as rents rise.

Our firm handles the finances and physical management including quarterly reports and distributions to our investors. We have a highly qualified group of professionals in each of our markets to provide our tenants with timely professional service.

We operate with a number of trusted affiliates, including Rose Rock Development Partners and Strategic Development Partners. JL Management Services, Inc. is our investing arm. JBS Real Estate Ventures, LLC serves as the general partner or managing member of its investment entities and comprises Joel Flachs, William Whitmore, Jr., and Sanford Lipstein.

Each property provides an individual investment opportunity so investors may choose only the properties that best suit their specific investment goals

Please contact us to learn if our model matches your investment goals.

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